Sunday, May 15, 2011

My mama told me there'd be days like this

And man she wasn't fooling. 'Cause, Steven Tyler forgive me, I just can't believe how addicted I am to gardening.

I started out a few weeks ago with one gardenia plant, an orange mint, and a trio of incorrectly identified herbs. In my defense, I was correct about the basil and the rosemary. However, the plant pictured on the right in the post a few articles down is actually oregano.

Sadly, the oregano kicked the bucket. Thankfully, the farmer's market lady who sold me the orange mint sold me a pretty little replacement. It's hanging out quite nicely along with the real thyme I picked up from the same lady.

I'm definately losing the plant addiction as you can clearly see in the picture above. I added a spearmint plant to make friends with my orange mint and float very prettily in a pitcher of minted margaritas I'll be sharing the recipe for just as soon as I've tested it. My herbs are sitting pretty in some wire stand I picked up from Big Lots over the weekend.

I'd take this moment to brag over how big my basil is, but I liberated some for my Cumin Lime Pork. Instead, look at my pretty bell pepper plants! They're in those two pots on the bottom left. Maybe I'm on crack, but I swear they've added leaves overnight. The tall, dark leafy plant on the right is my baby tomato plant.

That grill has to go. I wonder if I could turn it into a planter. I imagine the metal would get too hot and I've have to water it like a mofo, yes?

Lest you think this is one sad, sparse excuse for a plant addiction, tomorrow I'll tell you all about the four container gardens I'm up to from the two I showed you before and we can discuss the sweet pea seeds I just started.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to dig up my front yard and sow some seeds.

Is there some kind of twelve step program for beebee gardeners who bite off more than they can chew?


  1. No twelve step programs but wish there were! LOL Enjoy the herbs, sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. LOL! I understand completely. I've completely given up on surfaces in my living room - if it's flat, it has a plant on it. Can't wait until I can bring it outside. Addictive indeed!

  3. The only advice I have is do NOT under any circumstances, plant pumpkin. They will kill everything about your garden, and I think it looks kinda cute. :)



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