Friday, May 13, 2011

Do yo really want to hurt me?

Dorothy Perkins white embroidered dress
28 GBP -

Paul Smith batwing top
135 GBP -

Balenciaga studded leather handbag
$1,795 -

15 GBP -


Not only have my posts been sparse but I didn't get a picture of mr man's homecoming. His unit handled the whole deal with a spectacular stupidity only seen in goverment work. So I rushed around like a chicken with my head cut off only to get there late, drippy from my shower and still miss the ceremony.
Oh well. I have my man. So you'll have to deal with an approximation of what I wore via polyvore.  Please note there is no possible way I own a Balenciaga bag. I don't even own Jessica Simpson shoes. Too rich for my blood, or so they say. My dress, jewelry, and cardigan came from Maurices. My white bag came from shoedazzle, I think. And my shoes were bought on sale from J.C. Penney.
Just a note, don't ever buy anything online without googling for coupon codes. It's worth the effort, trust. 

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  1. I end up doing the same with polyvore - using items I couldn't possibly afford just because it's the only thing on there that looks like what I need for my set. Very cute outfit btw! I'm sure it looked good enough to completely distract from the drippy-hair. ;)



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