Sunday, October 9, 2011

Excuse me, miss

Christmas wasn't the only thing Downton Abbey brought to mind. But since the last post was getting quite long, I figured I'd dedicate a new one to the baby's Christening plans. I fell hard and fast with this gorgeous day gown Lady Sybill wore a number of times throughout the series.

The crisp white collar looks gorgeous laying against the vivid violet, doesn't it? Nevermind the delicate embroidery, white tabs, purple buttons, and white cuffs.

As it so happens, I've been spending quite a bit of time with two issues of Sew Beautiful Magazine, #130 The Blue Issue and #123 The White Issue.

I'd already decided on baby Jacob's Christening gown, a not so frilly but still very baby ode to my family's nautical traditions of naval service. (Please don't tell my army husband.) The pattern is #112 from Creations by Michie. But instead of white, because babies are hot messes who live to puke on their mother's hard work, I think a blue handkerchief linen with white lace trim. Not that awful baby blue though but a nice, medium blue like the color of the summer sky. I'll probably add #110 Dedication Bubble but I'm undecided on the whole collar business. It seems two collars would be a bit too much, don't you think? So which outfit gets the collar and which does not?

Not the dress, silly. Try bottom left.
I'd also settled on Annika by Maja's Heirlooms for pinky's coordinating dress as featured in the Blue Issue and pictured below.

Then, a few weeks ago, someone on the Colette Patterns forum asked about how to modify the Crepe dress for breastfeeding. It was decided the best way to go about it would be to break up the one piece bodice into two parts to button down the middle. And since I already have the pattern, it seemed a natural fit.

So you can imagine where my mind went as soon as I saw Lady Sybill's violet gown. I only need to figure out the whole collar business in addition to finding the perfect blue linen, four whole yards of it at a decent price. I'd originally planned to use a navy linen but Lady Sybill has made that next to impossible now. It must be blue, in the same family as that gorgeous violet.

Look at this beautiful one Sarah from Sew Crafy Houston put together.

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