Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm going slightly mad

Remember that ADD problem I mentioned? It seems to have gotten worse with pregnancy. So I did what any good procrastinator does, I started a new project, one I found after meandering around Ravelry for far too many hours planning my unborn child's coming home outfit. My time loss is your reading gain as I have another topic for another post. But this has done nothing for my current projects.

I'm supposed to be sewing, not knitting.

Is this a sigh or a gaze of longing into the past? And yes, pretend I do dishes.

For days, I have been planning to sew. I even get up, collect my supplies, fiddle a wee bit here, turn on the sewing machine there, but to no end. I pick up on project only to find my mind wandering to another. This weekend, after an absent husband and nothing to show for it aside from a couple more episodes of Mad Men under my belt, I needed to have a come to Jesus meeting with my face.

It was time to make a list, three lists actually. For starters, it was time to return to the entire point of my blog, WWJCD? Honestly, she'd probably don her pearls and pull out the vaccuum but since my pearls are still packed somewhere and I don't own carpet, list number one will have to suffice.

For the record, my doggie is not forlorn and unloved. She plays nicely in the backyard after doing her business a number of times of day. But I need to get out of the house and walking her about the neighborhood seems as good an opportunity as any. Plus, if I take her with me, I'll be less tempted to gorge myself on salt and vinegar chips as some kind of award for, as Chris Rock so eloquently put it, doing what I'm supposed to do.

If you'll notice at the top of that list, I mentioned knitting. If there is one thing my snarky little ass can't manage to finish ever it's a knitting project. I take that back. I once finished a baby hat and a pair of socks. Hot pink and lime green. Very, very cute. I'm not sure it counts though as there was meant to be a pair of knitting lime green mary janes to match and those were never finished. And so the set sits in a box somewhere while the newborn baby I started the project for is a hale and hearty nine months old now.

And so, another list was in order.

Lucky for me, I have until the end of January to complete these projects. Socks and hats go quickly but I have a feeling I'm going to be working on that romper between contractions.

And now we are on our final list. List number three gives me the heeby jeebies if you want to know the truth. It's not because they are difficult or even that time consuming. In fact, each bullet point should only take me two to four days to complete, even with staying on the conservative end of my 3-4 hours a day sewing plants. The problem is that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can complete everything on this list by November 15th.

Well, perhaps not fingers crossed. It's hard to trace patterns that way.

In any case, game, set, match.

It's time to get crafting.

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