Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't you feel like crying?

Look at the details on this dress. The sleeve treatment, the pleated and crossed bodice, the flowing skirt. Oh yes, I'd love to put this on my list. But it's a Marfy. So what, right? Uhm not quite. These patterns have no seam allowance, which fine, I can not be so lazy and add those. The problem is they don't come with directions.

Does that look like a dress you could put together without help? Not for my level of expertise.

Le Sigh

Instead, I punish myself by going to the Marfy site every few months and bawling like a baby over what might have been.

Let's look a bit more, shall we?

I adore the top of this dress. It's a shame the bottom is the only part I could manage.

This one looks simple enough but I can't figure out how the bodice comes together.

Very 1930's, isn't it?

Those side pleats are divine.

Don't you just love those details?

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