Sunday, September 18, 2011

My future's so bright

This is what happens when you stay up much too late and can't sleep. The brain starts to wander you see. And while I should be thinking about upcoming plans, I'm sitting here with the startling realization that I'll have to make any Easter dress I do up next year into a nursing dress.

Now that this little thought has entered my mind, I won't be able to sleep until I've given myself a couple ideas. Thankfully, I've come up with three. However, now I can't go to bed until I write them up and stash them somewhere lest I forget between now and March of next year.

What better place than here, cached and safe from my slippery little brain?

Would you like to see?

Option number one would be this adorable, 1940's reproduction from Decades of Style. It wouldn't take much to make those buttons functional and do some kind of nursing openings into a lining underneath. Or would it?

Maybe in a linen and with a jaunty little hat to match, of course.

From Past Patterns we have option number two. This one is a pretty, 1930's number I think could be adjusted by using that little tie detail across the front to hide nursing access. Some experimentation would be in order but with the right fabric, it might work.

Again with the linen. I think layers of chiffon would be prettier but it wouldn't cover up the nursing access much, would it?

Option number three would be the easiest solution. Separates! For the top, I'd hit up Folkwear and use the Armistice Blouse pattern circa 1918 and gussy it up with all the embroidery and lace insertion befitting such a pretty thing. I'd always wanted to make one so that's a bonus in this option's corner. However, lace insertion is a time consuming process, one I might not be up to three months postpartum, or rather the baby might not allow me to be up to. If I were so inclined, I'd match it with this skirt from Past Patterns.

Of course I have plenty of time to decide or come up with a whole slew of different ideas. And there's still Christmas to consider. But I'll save Yuletide musings for a little later, perhaps once I've gotten a few maternity projects under my belt.

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