Sunday, April 3, 2011

The dirt under my feet

Be it ever so humble

And here she is!

Cute, right?? I adore all of the trees. Their shade keeps the house nice and cool on the inside, at least this is what my no nothing brain things as I walk around on the hardwood floors inside.

See the second story awning on the left? That's my sewing room. Plenty of sunshine to spill over me as I cut, cut, cut. Yes, I suppose I am meant to sew in the sewing room but I bet money I end up downstairs sewing in front of a Tudors marathon. Oh season four, where art thou? Although, a more pressing, narrowly on topic question comes to mind. When on earth is netflix going to pick up Mad Men for instant????

But I digress.

The all important curb appeal. 'Tis less so for a renter but I couldn't resist the call of tiny little plants lining the edges of the garden center at wallyworld today. It took a few minutes of searching but I finally spotted a flat of flowers perfectly suited for my full sun front corner. Zinnias ftw!! Combine those with my recent, albeit hasty and unnecessary purchase of gladiolus and freesia bulbs and I was reading to get my hands dirty.

The foyer in progress

I went home, donned my trusty owl apron and got to work, Sunday dress and all. Between the cool cotton and the nice full skirt, working in a dress was surprisingly easy. I got to feel the sun on my legs without worrying about all the uncomfortable places the seat of one's pants end up when your rustling around in shorts.

Dirty legs, too!

I needed a bath when I got home but at least my yard looked pretty. There are some bricks in the backyard that I'll probably end up using to section is off but so far, so good. Now cross your fingers that the newly transplanted zinnas take root and my bulbs come up.

Wanna see my front door?

Hi, Annabelle!
The white paint needs some perking up. Nothing a magic eraser won't cure. I also need to trim back that shrub/bush/obnoxious green bidness taking up my bitty porch.

My photographer was off on a playdate after church so I don't have a good OOTD shot for you. I think you get the general idea. Instead of a proper pair of stilettos, I wore a comfortable pair of little black ballet flats. I volunteered in the nursery this morning and didn't want to risk maiming small children or falling on my face. Combine all that with a smart black cardigan and I was looking very June Cleaver sans pearls.

To make up for the lack of an OOTD, may I present my home made accents in their proper place.

I need to clean that mirror

Don't get used to it. I can't guarantee I won't change my mind once the furniture is in there.

You know, I just realized why I love this fireplace so much.

Aww or Eww?

Perhaps not the best picture to illustrate my point but mr man and I said I do in front of a fireplace. If you squint real hard you can almost see it in the background.

Now let's have a moment of silence for my skinny little behind.


  1. That house is SO cute! What I wouldn't give to find a house like that to rent around here!

    And lol @ your honesty! I had an office when we first moved into our place... didn't take too long that my computer desk ended up in the living room so I can watch my damn shows during my work "breaks." Or, you know, to procrastinate. ;)

    I hope your flowers take! And I give that last picture a definite "aww!"

  2. Thank you!

    Procrastination is a girl's best frenemy.



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