Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's been a long time since I left you

You like my new bathroom? Don't get used to it's pristine, orderly condition. I've yet to put actual bathroom stuff in there. But I'm totally in love with the colors. I have this really adorable owl picture to hang up but alas, I forgot my hammer when I went over there last.

We are still not yet moved in. I'm slowly packing and carrying things over here and there but I don't expect to actually be moved in for another two weeks. So I'm afraid you'll have to deal with my sporadic posting for a while yet.

Wanna see what I wore to church on Sunday?

So would I! But my new camera cord doesn't work. Boo, yes?

How about a pic from the week before? It's not as if I don't owe you a couple weeks' worth of Sunday OOTD. Truth is it's been a while since I put something really cute together. Except last week's. Go figure, right??

I should have taken a better picture of pinky's dress. I started it last summer and only now got around to finishing it. It was a fairly simple dress, just one of those things I lost interest in midway through. It's made from the leftovers of last year's Easter dress. See? Fabric hoarding can be useful, no?


  1. Very, very nice bathroom. Mine is a cube so totally jealous of the large mirror and counter space! Colors are great too. Happy moving! (and by "happy" I mean try not to kill anyone... I hate moving).

  2. Very pretty! It's so nice to have a clean, beautiful space. Happy for you!



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