Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiss This

I hate lipstick.

Finding the right color is a big enough pain in the ass but I've yet to find a single brand that didn't make my poor lips wanna shed layers like a molting iguana.

Not a sexy look OR feel.

I defaulted to lip gloss as most colors work but who wants to feel like they've been sucking face with a jar of vaseline?

Enter Neutrogena's Lip Balm. The package promises your lips will feel and look better than they did before you slathered this stuff on them.

Fat chance, you say?


No lie. My lips feel great with it on and even better afterwards. No more peeling lips and I get a lovely sheen of color in the bargain. I smear it on over a coat of Cover Girl's lip stain, another product I recommend. The color is subtle, yet pretty.

So try it.

And try the lip stain too, especially if you're a fellow lipstick hater.


  1. I'm a fellow lipstick hater. The only stain I've tried is the Benefit one. I wasn't impressed, so I'll be looking around to find the Cover Girl one to try - does it come in various shades? And is it sticky? I hate sticky lip-stuff like I hate lipstick.

  2. Cover Girl, NYC, and Revlon all make lip stain that comes in various colors. It's more like a marker for your lips actually so not sticky feeling at all. I don't even feel it once it dried, only a moment or two after I put it on. I just had to get used to not pressing my lips together.

    I do not recommend the Revlon brand. The color was so much stronger than the tube suggested, than other lip stains I've tried. And the gloss stick that comes with it feels like lipstick and dried it up.

    The NYC is not as wet as the Covergirl one so it doesn't go on as smoothly but it's still good.



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