Monday, March 14, 2011

You don't bring me flowers anymore!!

That's not entirely true. Mr man is really good about sending me flowers and not just your standard roses either. Red and white tulips with evergreens for Christmas, shades of pink roses just like our wedding bouquets, irises, etc. I have no complaints in that department.

However, I discovered recently that I like having fresh flowers on my table. A couple weeks ago, Kroger was selling off their Valentine's roses $6 a dozen. I bought a dozen of white and a dozen of red. I paired some with some cream and raspberry alstromerias and the overall effect in my red vase was so pretty I decided to try to buy flowers every two months.

Today I picked up some pink snap dragons, purple alstromeria and blue hydrangea. As you can tell in the above picture, perhaps I should pick up a book on flower arranging.

The colors look beautiful together but otherwise, meh. I love them anyway.

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  1. I love having fresh flowers in the house. And I love arranging them even more. Love your picks!



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