Monday, January 31, 2011

Ina Gadda Davida, baby

Anyone know crap about container gardening??

I've always wanted a garden. I tried when I was about 16 or so in my parents backyard from seeds I found at the dollar general. We don't talk about it. But, it's been a few years so why not try again, yes?

While I really like the cute little garden plots in the header picture, I don't have that kind of time and energy. It just so happens, however, that my landlord has plopped a bunch of containers on my lawn. I suppose one could make an argument that a good 50's housewife grows some useful things. I'm thinking maybe an herb garden in one, some strawberries in another since pinky keeps asking, and tomatoes in another.

Please say a prayer for the souls of these soon to be dead plants.

Or maybe a housewife is always optimistic.

Optimism it shall be!

I am a grower of living things . . . including LSD.

Can you grow LSD?



  1. I live on a second floor so container gardening is all I've got. I actually prefer it now - it's less messy and I feel like I can control everything (a must for a control-freak like me).

    I definitely second your tomato idea - they were the easiest to grow in containers. Peppers too grow very well in containers, as did lettuce. Can't say I've tried growing LSD though... I don't know who reads this blog so I just 'can't say.' ;)

    Good luck with your garden! And this blog is great btw - you are hilarious. :)

  2. Thank you!!

    Can you give me the low down on tomatoes? Should I buy seeds or a plant? Do I need the wire cone looking thing? I assume so but I'm a little slow.

    Help a girl out!

  3. I bought the plants. Apparently they're easy to start from seed, but I'm not that confident in my gardening yet. The plants were cheap, easy to replant and started flowering almost right away. Made me feel like an accomplished gardener before I even really started. Hello near-instant gratification! ;)

    I didn't have any of those wire things, but I would recommend them. I ended up tying my plants up to the balcony railing they lined. It wasn't pretty. Wire cones would've been much better!

  4. Oooo! I'm gonna pick some up on Sunday I think. The kids will love it.

  5. My roommate grows everything, and I cook it. Based on that experience and what I loved most about the fresh produce, I'd recommend

    tomatoes. Summertime, fresh mozz, and tomatoes from the garden. Is there anything better? She had the wire cones. We had issues with late frosts, but I don't think you have to worry about that.

    lots of herbs. basil (lots and lots of this, especially if you have tomatoes), tarragon, oregano, mint (for mojitos of course), sage. In fact, if I could only grow 1 thing, it would be basil. If it weren't winter, I'd grow some now since you can't buy it where I live.

    green beans. I know those sound weird, but they grew on a frame, so I'm guessing they work really well in a container, and there's just something so much better about super fresh green beans

    She also grew a bunch of greens, but since I can't tell edible greens from weeds, I never picked those.

    BTW, I followed you here b/c of your movie review. I swear I'm not a crazy stalker.

  6. You may stalk me anytime if it gets me more advice like this.

    Green beans were one of the failed experiences in my first garden but I'm willing to give it a try.

    I'll pick up some tomato plants on Sunday. My FIL grows basil so I can always ask him if I'm worried about jacking it up.



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