Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the Wings of Love!

Ottobre, Ottobre, how I love thee!

Another one of my New Year's resolutions was to stop buying patterns. As I was packing up after all the Christmas sewing, I realized my ass has a problem. Okay, so more like 170 problems. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is how many patterns I own. Sad but true.

Doesn't look like 170 patterns, does it? Those little envelopes can be deceptive.

As one last pattern hurrah, I subscribed to the very adorable, very versatile, Ottobre Design Magazine. Six issues a year, four children's, two women's. This is very useful as finding cute boy patterns worth sewing for pete is quite the difficult task. And so, I have a lovely pattern subscription to act as the methodone to my pattern addiction.

My first issue came in the mail today. SQUEE!!!!!

The infant patterns are enough to make my ovaries ache but I quickly glossed past those chubby cheeked little barf monsters to the relevant portions.


  1. Haha I love how you referred to babies as 'little barf monsters'!

    I am with you, boy patterns are so hard to find.

  2. Have you looked at www.oliverands.com? Liesl mades some really cute stuff.



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