Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello, I've been waiting here for you

Poor Heather.

She asked me before Thanksgiving if I would make her a Hello Kitty lined purse/diaper bag. Due to tighter customs restrictions out of China in December, the fabric I ordered didn't get here until a few weeks ago. And then I had that nasty little plague. I am, however, mostly cured and onward I go.

Isn't that adorable? I think I'm gonna head to Joann's tomorrow and pick up two or three fat quarters for contrast though. The body of the bag will be that pretty celery green, ivory for the accents, and the Hello Kitty for the lining. It's an interesting fabric, from Hong Kong and it only took five milion years to get here. It was almost worth the wait.

It looks like a cotton rip stop fabric but it's like a two for one. On one side is the cute, khaki based Hello Kitty and on the other side of the fold line lies a vivid pink of the same print. One fabric, two colorways. 

Anyone else want a Hello Kitty bag? I think this fabric would look really cute as the lining for a black back with hot pink topstitching.

The yellow is much more goldenrod than the picture suggests. Very cute!

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