Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Nothing ever goes right on a Sunday morning. When I was a kid, I had pastors say it was the devil's way of keeping you home. Then I guess it was the devil who sent mismatched black church shoes home with pinky's friend after her sleepover last week because this morning, pinky had only had one mary jane this morning. This resulted in the hot mess you see above.

What? It was quicker than finding something else for her to wear.

I faired much better, I think. I call it my Clearance Look.

That skirt is the primary reason I venture through the wilds of J.C. Penney on Black Friday. I scored it for $11 and actually made it out of the store in less than 45 minutes. It's made by Worthington which always goes on sale on Black Friday. And the stuff holds up. Three years later and I'm still rocking it.

The top was Old Navy clearance two summers ago for $6. The necklace belonged to my greatgrandma and I bought the shoes, again on clearance from Wet Seal for $15. I was wearing an ivory cardi from Target that only cost $7 but a freak gust of wind turned my hair from cutesy curly into something Hercules took on so . . . yeahno.


  1. You look great, hair & all. :) Love the skirt!

  2. Wooo! Hot mama! I actually kinda love how your hair looks in that picture and thought it was on purpose and fabulous! Is that weird?

  3. I completely love that outfit!

  4. LOL that's because you didn't see the other picture. lol



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