Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer Sun, Somethin's Begun

When it comes to sewing, I have an incredibly short attention span. Even while working on one project, mentally cutting out the next, and hammering down the details for the third, I'm thinking about what I'm doing next season.

As you know, I'm currently working on this bag, McCalls 5822. Here's a sneak preview.

Then, I'll start on the Easter dresses in conjuction with my EvaDress Contest entry.

And I just realized I only have 15 days. ACK! For some reason, I thought it ended the 28th of March. Oops! Guess I'm skipping the muslin after all. So feel free to ignore the cherry print fabric and focus only on the the pretty paisley charmeuse. I might manage the little jacket but I wouldn't hedge any bets if I were you.

After that, we are moving on to some wonderful lingerie by Colette Patterns, Nutmeg and Cinnamon. I'll give up more details in a few weeks but I'm planning three sets, everyday wear in ivory and pale pink cotton batiste, a luxurious set in ivory crepe back satin with black lace trim, and a proper pretty set of dusty coral crepe.

Even with all that planned, I can't get my mind off summer sewing. The sun has been bright down south for the last two weeks, warm enough to roll the windows all the way down in my old car and fill the roads with Mick Jagger, much to the chagrin of other drivers, I'm sure.

No matter.

My love for Start Me Up cannot be contained. But I digress.

Summer sewing, yes, that's what we were discussing. For bonus points, aside from the necessary notions, we'll be doing some MAJOR stash busting.

Let's start at the bottom. I've not made either shorts nor pants before, aside from a handful of pajama bottoms. Cross your fingers that I don't screw up six yards of cotton twill when I attempt these capris and shorts, will you? Although, I picked up some in khaki, bluebell, and pale pink last summer for less than four dollars a yard at Hancock Fabrics, so if I completely jack them up, at least I'm only out my time and hopefully, I've learned something from the experience.

I own enough floral print, gingham trims, and solid knits to make up enough tops to get me through the longest Southern summers. May I resist the urge to buy more patterns since I own the following and they'll do just fine with all the various ways I could adapt them. With ruffles, pockets, lace insertion, dyeing techniques, etc, the possibilities are endless.

And then there are all the summer dresses. Add the cherry print above to a list that includes this, this, this, and this, and it's a cruel, cruel summer, leaving me here all alone with a sewing machine. My closet will love me and my husband should be satisfied so see my stash dimishing, though admittedly, he won't be pleased with all the works in progress draped over the couch and coffee table.

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