Monday, February 7, 2011

A Thousand Rainy Days

It's a special time in Georgia. All it's doing is raining, raining, raining. But since it's Snowmaggedon for a vast majority of the rest of the country, you feel like a dumbass for complaining.


Now that some of you are planning to shank me with a dull spoon, let's talk about Easter.

I'm conflicted. As I've written in a previous entry, I'm doing a sheer fabric over a solid lining for both mine and pinky's outfit. The issue is that I can't decide what color to line them with, lavender or green. So it's up to you guys to decide. Andalsoplus, howsabout you tell me whether I should use the lighter or the darker ribbon?

Zank you!

See the off white linen fabric on the right? That's going to be my 1920's Cloche hat. It's really soft and creamy.

Want to see the matching shawl I'm knitting? (And if you say anything about shawls being all granny-like and such, I hope you've dusted off your anti shanking spells of late because you will need it.)


  1. I say use both. Green for one dress, purple for another. I like the darker ribbon.

  2. I like the purple better. I have no ribbon opinions.

  3. I like the purple lining a lot. Something about lavender just makes me think of springtime and Easter. And I like the darker ribbon.

  4. I like the green better as a bit of a sophisticated shade of spring.

    I like the lighter ribbon if you go green, the darker if you go lavender. (Although it's a bit hard to tell color from the photos with the flash, so take my opinion with a grosgrain of salt. GET IT?)

  5. I think I'm feeling the darker ribbon, too.

    And thanks to Heather, I'm leaning towards purple lining for pinky's dress and the green for mine.

  6. And Fuss, I totally love that you said grosgrain lol.

  7. I am going to vote for the green overall.

  8. I prefer the lavendar lining. I can just picture it with a creamy white cloche hat. And I'd go with the lighter ribbon, but the darker one if you went with the green lining instead.

  9. I agree, green for you and purple for pinky sounds great. And the darker ribbon.

    I'm so jealous of your ability to wear hats gracefully. Damn my giant head.

  10. Who says I can wear them gracefully? Besides my mama, of course.

    You have to all promise you'll tell me the truth when I post pics of myself in it.

  11. I vote for lavendar with the darker ribbon!



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