Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuck on you

You ever get so stuck on an idea that you can't think outside of it? And of course, it never fails that when you get an idea in your head, you can never find it in the store. But when you have no money, everything strikes your fancy.

Well, I found some things that strike my fancy. I know we *just* talked about it but can you stand another shoe post?

Because I just might be in love with these bad boys.

Now, I know what you're thinking. They do kind of look like something my greatgrandmother would have worn with a sequin encrusted velour tracksuit. Dial it back for me a minute and tell me they don't have a lovely vintage look to them, that they wouldn't look divine with a breezy cotton lawn that floats oh so perfectly around your bare legs in the summer sunshine. And at $39.99 they are right up my alley. Maybe you think black or tan would be better? Check them out here and tell me what you think.

I'm also in love with these, also from JC Penney. They are only $29.99 which is a much more affordable option than the ones I posted yesterday. They also come in a pretty goldenrod. But I can't decide if they would match my wardrobe. I tend to stick to three to four color palettes to avoid buying accessories and such that don't coordinate.

I'd still like a pair of flat lace ups though. I'm leaning towards saddle shoes but they just don't seem like they'd be very comfortable. I feel like they would either make my feet rather damp, if you know what I mean or they would slip around quite a bit with hose or socks. I guess I should try some on and test the theory.

Or I could just buy a pair of Chucks. Okay, so they wouldn't go so well with vintage dresses. But a t shirt and dark wash denim with a rolled up cuff?

You're killing me, Smalls!


  1. I like the ones in the first picture, and I like them best in blue (rather than the tan or black) - seems more summery. And I really like the Chucks, but I'm a running shoe kind of gal. Hope you update with your choices, if you end up buying any!

  2. I really like the blue, too. I think I'm definately going to buy them.

    I'm iffy on the chucks. Maybe later this summer once I figure out if I'll actually wear what I'm planning.



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