Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

This is the first Grammy's I've watched in at least five years. I think I'm in love with Janelle Monae and Mumford and Sons. I still can't stand Lady Gaga and as much as Gwyneth Paltrow irritates the living sh*t out of me, she killed it with Cee-Lo. And ZOMG! Kidman's face totally moved when she was singing TEENAGED DREAMS, ffs! Meanwhile, John Mayer continues to be a grade A tool.

The Mayhem commercials from Allstate continue to make my life and not just because Dean Winters is a sexy beast.

CBS's PSA about testicular cancer, on the other hand, was the suck. I mean "Instead of the heart, protect the family jewels?????????????" ::GAG::

Wait, are you distracted by my Gaga hate? No, I totally get that she's innovative, new, in your face, or whatever. But the whole, "be yourself no matter how weird you are" message coming from a chick who only created this persona after the real, privileged Sarah McLachlan wanna be singer songwriter deal failed to make her money??

Bititch, please.

Plus, you can't tell me Elton John and Madonna didn't invent and perfect her schtick while this chick was in diapers.

On and just to make sure we're really fighting. Gwyneth did a better job than Gaga. LG totally sounded like Christina Aguilera before she lost her damned mind and looked a Cardassian wearing a cooked lasagne noodle.

I said Cardassian, not Kardashian.

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