Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I watched Charlotte Gray with the always gorgeous Cate Blanchett last night while sewing. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for WWII stories but I thought it was very good. Or maybe I'm biased by how lovely everyone looked in their 1940's style clothing.

It's my favorite vintage era. I cannot get over how pretty and feminine women looked in fairly unfeminine fabrics and cuts. While searching high and low for the playsuit pattern of my dreams, I've come across a ton of these smart little suits and rejected them out of hand.

From Woodland Farms Antiques

A rather staid jacket, a skirt that's neither full nor slim, and what appears to be a blah, high necked blouse. To make matters worse, they were sewn up out of good, seemingly bland wool. No thank you, right?


Watch at the :30 mark and tell me she doesn't look faboo.

Who would have thought wool, knits, and tweed could look so delicate and pretty? Lucky for me, I have some wool/silk blend suiting and a yard of purple silk poplin in my stash that will make a lovely 40's style suit and shirt some day. Maybe come fall.


  1. I've never heard of this movie, but it's going in my queue! I'm a sucker for the 40's too. Not as much as I love the 20's, though;)

  2. She does look faboo! High-necked blouse and all. I'm another sucker for the retro-look, though no particular decade appeals to me - I tend to just draw the line when my g-ma starts showing me pictures of Victorian era dresses. ;)

  3. Mary Grace, you should look for Edge of Love with Keira Knightley and add that too.

    I love Victorian Era dresses but the logistics of wearing them is quite off-putting. So many layers. It's a wonder women were viewed as fragile, delicate flowers who would faint at the drop of a hat. Swathed in layers upon layers of fabric on top of a corset sucking the life out of you and pushing your body into an unnatural silhouette in the heat of summer . . . yeah.



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