Thursday, February 10, 2011

Putting on the ritz

I usually wear the dresses I sew to church on Sunday. But I have so many pretty cotton prints and simple summer dress patterns that I think it's time I went casual.

But with dresses like this,

From The Time Traveling Lark

From Vintage Skater

From Opal's Owl Vintage

my usual DCs and sandals just won't do. So I've been taking a look around the interwebs and I've come across a pair that might fit the bill from Aerosoles.

Too bad I'm too cheap to spend $80 bucks on a pair of shoes. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll go on sale.

These ones are on sale, but only available in gray or black. Hmmmm

Would anyone like to spot me $90? This why I don't shop at Endless.

None of these are quite what I'm looking for. But I thought I'd share anyway. Anything to avoid the lists I'm supposed to me making, right?

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