Friday, February 11, 2011

Tradition, TRADITION!

Did any of you grow up eating Sunday dinner? We did, sort of. My mom would come home from church and make dinner for lunch. I always looked forward to Sunday, not only because I could never make food taste exactly like mom's, but because it was the one night of the week neither me nor my brothers had to cook. Mind you, I didn't care about saving my brothers a chore but I did mine not having to hear them complain about it or wait until the last minute.

I was the oldest so of course I was a secret squirrel micromanager, whispering furious instructions to my brothers where my mom couldn't hear. Or more like where I thought she couldn't hear. Now that I'm grown, I know why she came out of her bedroom and gave me the evil eye. Moms know so much more than you think.

So anywaaaaay, back to the point.

I miss traditions. I suppose I could wait for a couple to fall into place, but hanging out in bed watching House Hunters doesn't seem like much of a plan. P&p have gotten into the habit of having a movie night every Friday. Last week we watched an old school version of Alice in Wonderland. Tonight, it was Nanny McPhee. I'm thinking that's a tradition we need to keep.

And I'm resurrecting Sunday Dinner.

Pete's requested smothered pork chops sounds like the perfect start.

P.S. If you haven't seen Fiddler on the Roof, find it and get on it. kthanxbi


  1. I agree with you. Sometimes we have to keep the tradition. Because many of the fine tradition that we can still use today. Good article and I liked it. Thank you. Greetings of friendship!

  2. I got a kick out of your micromanaging story, lol, I am also the oldest sibling so I get you. I get you.

    I love the idea of tradition. We unfortunately never had any, but I already have big plans for Sunday dinners if I ever have children (which I already anticipate being thwarted by teenagedom, lol - I like to plan ahead). I like that you're letting the kids make requests too, keeps them involved and I bet he'll have memories of those porkchops forever!



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