Monday, February 7, 2011

This one goes out to the one I love

So I have this friend named Amy. Amy loves her some lists. From what I hear, there isn't a thing Amy doesn't have a spreadsheet for. She just sold her house (congratulations!) but do you know what happens when a list addict prepares for a move?

Feel sorry for her husband, yo!

Despite my faux sorrow for poor Andrew, I've decided to take a page out of Amy's book and make a couple lists of sorts for my new housewifing ventures.

The first one will be a daily list. I've decided I need a schedule. Mind you, I'm a grown woman and shouldn't need to make lists for myself, at least this has been my argument up to now. However, my house has a different story to tell. I'm a girl who needs a list. So what should we put on a daily list? I'm sorry to report there will be no vaccuuming in heels and pearls for the simple fact that I don't have a carpet. But perhaps a simple reminder to do the dishes twice a day could be useful, yes?

I'll think about it.

Drop your suggestions in the little comment area and I'll update you guys on . . . how does Wednesday sound?


  1. Hey, I'm a grown woman and I keep a 250 pg. copybook just for lists. Ok, maybe even 2 copybooks. And multiple notepads. And there may or may not be scraps of paper with lists all over my house.

    Maybe if I had a daily list, I wouldn't make so many of them though. My daily list changes from day to day. I guess I break down my weekly list into daily stuff. The dishes, sweeping and de-cluttering/dusting happens pretty much every day on auto so I never think to list it. Maybe it would help to do a reverse list for a week first and write what you did at the end of everyday? Yeah, I'm sure helpful, aren't I?

  2. No, that's really helpful.

    I'm not a very good housekeeper so I need to put cleaning stuff on the list, sadly enough.

    I like the idea of a book to keep them in. The last thing I need to do is add to my clutter pile.



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