Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rita Hayworth

When I was a kid copping a nasty attitude, my mama would always look me dead in the eye and tell me to "fix my face." I always hated that but as the story goes, try as you might, you can't stop yourself from turning into to your mother so I tell my kids the same thing.

Too bad I don't always heed my own advice.

I honestly don't remember if I was working some 'tude but that face doesn't suggest I was having a good time, does it? oops

It was a bright, warm day and green felt appropriate for the onset of spring. We probably have another cold spell or two before all is said and done but that doesn't seem like reason enough to keep dressing like Old Man Winter's still knocking at my door.

Here's a better pic.

I look so much better when I'm not mean-mugging small children.


  1. Girl, you rock them hats! Love this look.

  2. Love your outfit, it's so different from the jeans and t shirt people wear day in and day out. It's refreshing to see someone think outside the box and wear something pretty. You look great!



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